Group Values: The Pursuit of our Purpose

• Our products and approach to business is what sets us apart.
• We celebrate the uniqueness and value that each team member brings to the table.
• By helping one another reach our fullest potential, we are subsequently blessing and impacting our community.

Board of Directors

Key Management

Samuel Lim

Managing Director/C.E.O.
Creative, ingenious, and an exceptional eye for beauty are the cornerstones of why Sam is the brains behind thousands of designs released by Finesse Moulding. Sam has spent decades immersed in the industry, studying the global trend and being coached by a legendary designer. Sam firmly believes what you give out will be what comes back to you, and as such, he has cultivated kindness and support within the organization.

Lim Kim Lee

Executive Director & C.F.O.

Aside from being numerate, Kim is a veteran in the field of audit as well as finance, magnifying her invaluableness in the company. Being the first female executive director, Kim plays the motherly figure of the company, having a big heart in guiding and taking care of those around her. Kim also finds joy in taking people under her wing and seeing them thrive and flourish in what they do.

Eric Vo

Executive Director
With experience in various industries, Eric is adventurous and passionate about helping people. He pays great attention to detail, a fact which makes him an asset to the Management team. Eric keeps this famous quote from Robert Collier close to heart, “Success is the sum of small efforts – repeated day in and day out.”

Siou Bin See

General Manager
Steady as a rock, See is the intelligent, empathetic, and sturdy manager everyone can rely on. Having been with the company since he graduated with his bachelor’s degree, not only does he know our products and its production process like the back of his hand, but his logical and artistic side made him indispensable for our organization.

Chereen Cheen

Senior Manager

Extraordinary knowledge and noble wisdom may be uncommon, but it is even more scarce for them to be carried by one alone. Graduate with Bachelor in Wood Technology and Science, Cheen dived straight into the industry, preserving and fully utilizing her expertise in wood’s character and sustainable forestry. By initiating and adopting Kaizen (Lean manufacturing) in our supply chain management, her value to the company has proven to be one in a million.

Production Elites

The Legends and Artisans behind your magnificent frames.

Pre-eminent in their respective fields, together they cooperate to deliver your desired prestige mouldings.