We wish to see our wooden picture frames and mouldings pleasingly adorn walls and shelves on all corners of the world, invoking smiles and nurturing pride on those who see.


To be recognized as a world-class designer manufacturer of wooden picture frame moulding, encompassing the highest standards in areas of aesthetic and elegance, offering high quality product at a competitive price to our customers, with full cognizance of long term environmental sustainability.

Quality Policy Statement

  • Comply to ISO 9001 Standard and continuously improve the effectiveness of the Quality Management System.
  • Continuously promote the use of process approach and risk-based thinking.
  • Continuously visit, review, evaluate and meet customers’ and other stakeholders’ requirements and expectations.
  • Implement training programmes and evaluate the effectiveness of the training provided.
  • Ensure all external providers understand and meet of our quality requirements.
  • Ensure adequate resources are available for the operation.
  • Monitor and evaluate relevant inspection and quality control activities.
  • Periodically review our corrective action, risk management, and improvement plans.

Our Commitments

Our dedication to premium quality begins from sourcing raw materials. Whereby, only approved and regularly evaluated suppliers, who are familiar with our demanding quality specifications, are in our list of stable providers.

Subsequently, our Quality Assurance Team executes their strict inspection of all incoming raw materials and on the qui vive during the whole production process. At the end-stage, our team would engage in a 100% visual check before all our products are packed with care, then loaded onto containers to be shipped to our loyal customers.

Innovation remains one of the fundamentals of our philosophy. We have our very own Le Désign team, coming together from different departments and compiling their ideas together to construct the most cutting edge design, utilizing the latest production technology, sustainable raw materials, and while being au courant with the market trend.

Our production is currently spread over 2 operation plants, each with 6 lots, covering a total of more than 100,000 sq. meters. Our advance machinery are sourced from all over the world but key suppliers are in Germany and Italy. The production layout is set up to optimize productivity and enhance logistic efficiency. To smoothen our operation and increase efficiency, we have digitized our operation.

We value all our customers and know that time and convenience are of the utmost importance. In this respect, we have initiated many measures to facilitate business by simplifying orders from our understandably extensive item lists. Additionally, all correspondence, be it serious issues or just inquiries, will be met with quick and appropriate responses, as we are fully aware of the importance of efficiency in today’s competitive business world.

Because we acknowledge our obligation to maintain and nurture the ecology of this planet, hence why we make it our top priority to respect and preserve the delicate balance of nature. Our approach to sustainability intends to reduce our environmental impact and build up our social commitments, starting with the issues of utmost importance to our communities, customers, and colleagues. In a nutshell, we aim to give back more than we take.